Dance Don’t Diet: The Top 15 Zumba Blogs

Zumba has taken the fitness world by storm. Even those who loathe working out find themselves working up a sweat and having fun with this high impact dance-based workout. There’s nothing like cranking up the music and letting your body go, and Zumba does just that, working your core, thighs and butt in the process. Here are the best blogs for learning about Zumba and getting motivated to try this innovative dance workout.

Top Zumba Blogs

There’s nothing like getting in shape while having fun. Here are the Zumba sites you should check out to learn about this fun workout.

    1. Skinny Hollie This site isn’t all about Zumba, but the blogger does describe her experience and results from the classes. It’s a great blog to motivate you to drop the pounds too, as the blogger is a huge fan of doling out inspirational words.

    2. Cthomson322 This is the blog of a certified Zumba instructor who chronicles her workouts, classes and the conventions she attends all in the name of Zumba.

    3. Zumba Dance Blog Need to know what to wear for a Zumba class? Or what moves you’ll be expected to bust out? This site lets you know what to expect when going to a Zumba class for the first time and gives you an idea of how to prepare yourself for such intense workout fun.

    4. Dance ‘n Yoga – All About Zumba Learn what shoes to wear to Zumba and get playlist suggestions for practicing Zumba at home.

    5. Zumba with Gaileee This Zumba instructor chats about her experiences with Zumba and how it gets your heart rate up while having fun and burning plenty of calories.

    6. Zumba Goodness This site is all about Zumba and includes playlists and inspirational quotes that will make you want to get out there and dance even when you feel exercise is the last thing you should do.

    7. Special Zumba This site focuses on Zumba from an instructor’s perspective. You’ll love her passion for teaching this fun workout and will be touched by her involvement and encouragement of new students who haven’t worked out in years.

    8. Fitness Exercise This site posts video footage of various effective workouts, which includes a lot of Zumba clips, including videos from their contests held throughout the United States.

    9. Zumba Fever This Zumba instructor offers inside tips on what to wear to Zumba (including worn out tennis shoes that have more traction) and where to find deals on functional clothing that will let you sweat and feel comfortable.

    10. Zumba with Heather At this Zumba blog, a dance teacher shows you how to get the moves down before heading to a Zumba class and how to watch what you eat so that your Zumba ventures aren’t in vain.

    11. Zumba Girls This Zumba blog focuses on local Zumba classes, but the writer does make a point of offering tips to anyone enrolled in a Zumba class to ensure safety and pre-cautions are taken for those who may not be familiar with intense exercise.

    12. The Zumba Soul At this site, you’ll find tips on how to become a Zumba teacher and hone your skills. The blogger talks about motivating your students, making sure safe practices are in order and keep your energy up throughout the class you’re teaching.

    13. Marangi Family This writer is part mommy blogger, part Zumba queen. She teaches classes and is amped about getting others just as excited about this fun workout routine. She shares tips on how to get started and keep your energy going for Zumba.

    14. Kimmy’s Little Spot This blogger has been with Zumba for a number of years and shares her diet and workout woes with readers. It’s a great blog to read for weight loss motivation, as well as tips on how Zumba works once you’re in the studio.

    15. Zumba with Teresa This is another Zumba blog penned by an instructor. It’s amazing to see the passion and joy Zumba teachers have for the workout and for their students’ health and this blogger is no exception to the rule.

Zumba is a fun way to get in shape without feeling like you’re working out. Remember it’s a high intensity workout, so if you’re new to the exercise game, you may want to take it slow. Most Zumba instructors are willing to work with those who are a pace or two behind and many facilities offer beginner courses that allow you to get comfortable with the moves before kicking it up a notch.