How to Avoid Spoiling Your Dog

There are times when we tend to overdo affection and attention, both for our kids and our pets. And while this is not such a bad thing, it could lead to them becoming spoilt and harder to manage as they grow older. If you have a dog at home, one you’re extremely fond of and regard as a member of your family, you’re better off bringing him up the right way. Dogs are like kids – the earlier in their lives you set rules and teach them discipline, the less their chances of becoming spoilt. In order to know how to avoid spoiling your dog, you first need to understand what comprises spoilt behavior. In general, a spoilt dog:

  • Does not respond to your commands and does as he pleases.
  • Behaves badly around guests and strangers.
  • Begs at the table and even steals food from your plate when your back is turned.
  • Growls or nips when you or someone else touches his things or reprimands him for bad behavior.

To avoid spoiling him:

  • Start training your dog when he’s a puppy.
  • Don’t buy him too many toys – it costs you a ton of money, and your dog prefers your company to the myriad toys you buy him.
  • Don’t encourage begging at the table – if he persists, train him to sit quietly in his spot when the rest of the family is at dinner. Don’t throw them tidbits from the table or distract him with treats – this will only encourage him to indulge in such behavior over and over again.
  • Don’t overdo the treats when your dog obeys your orders – stagger the treats so he does not get upset when they’re not forthcoming; mix them up with words of praise and encouragement.
  • If you don’t want your dog sleeping on your bed or jumping on your furniture, make it clear to them that you will not tolerate this behavior. If you allow him to do it at times and not at others, he’s going to get mixed signals and do it even if you order him not to do so.
  • Don’t over-feed your dog – it’s bad for his health, increases the risk of disease, and makes him overweight and unable to move quickly and easily. It also makes him reluctant to exercise, and this could lead to many complications in the days to come.
  • Make sure you get the training aspects right when your dog is a pup – start off with housetraining and move on to getting him acclimatized to various sights and sounds so he’s not spooked in the company of people and other animals.
  • If your lifestyle necessitates it, use the crate or other methods to limit your pet’s freedom so that they get used to it when it’s absolutely necessary. It’s easier to get a puppy to accept crating rather than trying it on an adult dog.
  • And finally, teach your dog to learn to spend some “alone” time and not to depend on your company at all times – this lets you leave them alone at home for a few hours without them getting antsy and tearing up your home.

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Dance Don’t Diet: The Top 15 Zumba Blogs

Zumba has taken the fitness world by storm. Even those who loathe working out find themselves working up a sweat and having fun with this high impact dance-based workout. There’s nothing like cranking up the music and letting your body go, and Zumba does just that, working your core, thighs and butt in the process. Here are the best blogs for learning about Zumba and getting motivated to try this innovative dance workout.

Top Zumba Blogs

There’s nothing like getting in shape while having fun. Here are the Zumba sites you should check out to learn about this fun workout.

    1. Skinny Hollie This site isn’t all about Zumba, but the blogger does describe her experience and results from the classes. It’s a great blog to motivate you to drop the pounds too, as the blogger is a huge fan of doling out inspirational words.

    2. Cthomson322 This is the blog of a certified Zumba instructor who chronicles her workouts, classes and the conventions she attends all in the name of Zumba.

    3. Zumba Dance Blog Need to know what to wear for a Zumba class? Or what moves you’ll be expected to bust out? This site lets you know what to expect when going to a Zumba class for the first time and gives you an idea of how to prepare yourself for such intense workout fun.

    4. Dance ‘n Yoga – All About Zumba Learn what shoes to wear to Zumba and get playlist suggestions for practicing Zumba at home.

    5. Zumba with Gaileee This Zumba instructor chats about her experiences with Zumba and how it gets your heart rate up while having fun and burning plenty of calories.

    6. Zumba Goodness This site is all about Zumba and includes playlists and inspirational quotes that will make you want to get out there and dance even when you feel exercise is the last thing you should do.

    7. Special Zumba This site focuses on Zumba from an instructor’s perspective. You’ll love her passion for teaching this fun workout and will be touched by her involvement and encouragement of new students who haven’t worked out in years.

    8. Fitness Exercise This site posts video footage of various effective workouts, which includes a lot of Zumba clips, including videos from their contests held throughout the United States.

    9. Zumba Fever This Zumba instructor offers inside tips on what to wear to Zumba (including worn out tennis shoes that have more traction) and where to find deals on functional clothing that will let you sweat and feel comfortable.

    10. Zumba with Heather At this Zumba blog, a dance teacher shows you how to get the moves down before heading to a Zumba class and how to watch what you eat so that your Zumba ventures aren’t in vain.

    11. Zumba Girls This Zumba blog focuses on local Zumba classes, but the writer does make a point of offering tips to anyone enrolled in a Zumba class to ensure safety and pre-cautions are taken for those who may not be familiar with intense exercise.

    12. The Zumba Soul At this site, you’ll find tips on how to become a Zumba teacher and hone your skills. The blogger talks about motivating your students, making sure safe practices are in order and keep your energy up throughout the class you’re teaching.

    13. Marangi Family This writer is part mommy blogger, part Zumba queen. She teaches classes and is amped about getting others just as excited about this fun workout routine. She shares tips on how to get started and keep your energy going for Zumba.

    14. Kimmy’s Little Spot This blogger has been with Zumba for a number of years and shares her diet and workout woes with readers. It’s a great blog to read for weight loss motivation, as well as tips on how Zumba works once you’re in the studio.

    15. Zumba with Teresa This is another Zumba blog penned by an instructor. It’s amazing to see the passion and joy Zumba teachers have for the workout and for their students’ health and this blogger is no exception to the rule.

Zumba is a fun way to get in shape without feeling like you’re working out. Remember it’s a high intensity workout, so if you’re new to the exercise game, you may want to take it slow. Most Zumba instructors are willing to work with those who are a pace or two behind and many facilities offer beginner courses that allow you to get comfortable with the moves before kicking it up a notch.

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Top 50 Blogs for Understanding and Preventing Childhood Obesity

According to the Centers for Disease Control, childhood obesity has more than tripled in the last 30 years. The prevalence of children who are obese is now 19.6% and obese teens make up 18.1% of the population. Facing serious health risks before they are even adults, obese children and teens are at far higher risk for diabetes, heart disease, and more.

With the stakes so high, it is important for parents to know as much as possible on how to keep their kids healthy. To help, we have gathered the top 50 blogs for understanding and preventing childhood obesity. They are written by experts, parents, the obese, and even those who used to be obese.

Top General Blogs for Understanding and Preventing Childhood Obesity

The below blogs discuss many aspects of childhood obesity.

1. Cutting Myself in Half
Taylor LeBaron is a teenager who used to weigh 150 pounds more than he does now. With a book of the same name as the blog, he tells other kids and teens his tale of obesity and personal journey. Check out his blog to get videos of his appearances on talk shows, tips for losing weight, dreams, and much more.

2. My Overweight Child
This blog will help you keep informed about the latest research, findings, and resources available to parents of overweight or obese kids. Tools include quizzes, self tests, information on weight loss programs, and even a hotline. Blog posts are often on the newest studies in childhood obesity.

3. It’s Not About Nutrition
Dina is a sociologist and mom. Her blog focuses on the art and science of teaching kids to eat right. A recent entry was on the “A Cookie a Day” approach.

4. The Gymanimals
They are a group of four super healthy animal heroes recruited to educate and protect children from the evil “O-Bee-Sity.” It is also an open forum where parents can discuss health, fitness, and nutrition as it relates to children. A recent entry was on the world’s formerly fattest child.

5. Weighty Matters
Yoni Freedhoff is a family doctor from Ottawa. He specializes in obesity medicine and is a “cynical realist.” A recent entry gave his take on gastric bypass surgery.

6. Fooducate Blog
This blog helps its readers eat a bit better by educating. Blog entries discuss the best in super market choices, eliminating confusion, and even give objective recommendations. A recent entry was on Power Bar bites.

7. Small Bites
Andy Bellatti is on the Registered Dietitian track at New York University’s Department of Nutrition, Food Studies, and Public Health. His blog is a way to share his passion for healthy eating. Blog entries are also often answers to reader’s questions.

8. Fast Food Facts
If your child loves fast food, have them visit this blog. It tracks the latest news on the food, chains, industry, and trends of fast food. Headlines often feature the newest offerings from fast food chains.

Top Fitness Blogs for Understanding and Preventing Childhood Obesity

These blogs focus on getting kids into shape, regardless of their size.

9. Fit Kid
Nicky Kay, Managing Director of FitKid, offers advice to parents that want to keep their children healthy. Sections on the blog include the funny and frustrating, stuff for kids and parents, and even a Lazy Town Sports Club.

10. PE4Life
Melanie dedicates this blog to building healthy student bodies one at a time. Useful tips from a real life PE teacher are shared in the blog. A recent entry was on some of the ridiculous excuses parents give for their child being unable to attend her class.

11. My Family Exercise
Exercise tips for both kids and parents are shared on this blog. A recent entry was on recipes for kids during the holidays. They also offer a free entry on “10 Things About Kids Exercise and Nutrition You Must Know” when signing up for their newsletter.

12. Health Fitness offers this blog on fitness for the whole family. Stephanie Romero blogs about yoga, weight loss, mental health, and more. She often links to items of interest.

13. Kids’ Fitness Blog
Categories on this kid’s fitness blog include everything from the environment to sports. Happy meals, heart disease, and many other topics relating to childhood obesity are also discussed.

14. Catherine’s Family Fitness Blog
As a writer and editor specializing in parenting, Catherine developed a special interest in kids’ health. Hot topics on this blog include back to school, family health, and better choices. She even has a section on how to begin a fitness program for the family.

15. Fitness and Kids
Kid’s fitness resources for parents and educators are found here. Archives date all the way back to 2006, so there is plenty to choose from. A topic of one of the most recent posts was on how parents can be examples to their children.

Top Food Blogs for Understanding and Preventing Childhood Obesity

Get the news on the food industry and be one step ahead in these blogs.

16. Eatocracy
The editors of this CNN blog make sure to stay on top of all the latest food headlines. They offer an “Eatcyclopedia” with an A to Z listing of everything food. There are also sections on how to prepare food and even approaches on how to think about food.

17. Food
NPR keeps a special section on food and related headlines. In addition to stories, they also contain podcasts and clips from shows. There are even food tips from listeners.

18. Whole Story
You don’t have to shop at Whole Foods Market to take advantage of the blog, but it doesn’t hurt. Choose from recipes, stories, health and nutrition, and many other food related topics. There is also Whole Body, a podcast devoted to natural body care and supplements.

19. U.S. Food Policy
Parke Wilde teaches and writes about U.S. Food Policy at the Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy at Tufts University. In this blog, the public interest is examined where U.S. food policy comes into play. News items concerning food are often shared and examined.

20. Civil Eats
There are many choices on this blog such as a series on young farmers and local eats. You can also get sections on eating culture, food policy, health, and much more. They also have recipes for those looking to lose weight.

21. School Lunch Talk
This blog focuses on the meal of the day that can be out of parent’s hands. Learn more about what schools and parents can do improve school lunches with a visit. Be sure not to miss the On The Menu section with pictures of school lunches.

22. Calorie Lab
This popular blog contains “today’s essential health news.” How many calories are contained in common foods and much more are constantly updated. There is even an interactive map showing which states contain the most obese people.

23. Food Politics
Marion Nestle is the author of many food books, including one of the same name. Topics include everything from activity to world hunger. One of the most recent posts was on the best in food films.

24. The Ethicurean
The blogger writes on “chewing the right thing.” Book reviews, news, and much more are included. Horror tales of food stories are also often shared.

Top Blogs for Understanding and Preventing Childhood Obesity by an Expert

These bloggers are professionals and make obesity and other childhood health issues their focus.

25. Obesity Panacea
Travis Saunders is a PhD student researching the relationship between sedentary time and chronic disease risk in children and youth. Peter Janiszewski has a PhD in clinical exercise physiology. Together they blog about obesity, particularly for families.

26. Dr. Sharma’s Obesity Notes
Dr. Arya M. Sharma is Professor of Medicine & Chair for Cardiovascular Obesity Research and Management at the University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada. His blog is full of notes, presentations, and even a video FAQ on obesity. He often tackles a topic of obesity in the news.

27. Fat Fighter TV
Sahar Aker is a veteran TV health reporter who traveled from the newsrooms of television stations and makes appearances to talk about topics related to health and fitness. She started this now immensely popular blog as a way to fight the obesity epidemic. In addition to the blog, there are useful videos, success stories, and loads of other motivation.

28. Raise Healthy Eaters
Maryann is a mom and registered dietitian. She helps simplify nutrition, feeding, and meal preparation for busy families. The blog also includes weekly meal plans.

29. Family Feeding Dynamics
Dr Katja Rowell is a family doctor and behavioral childhood feeding specialist. She is also a member of the clinical faculty with the Ellyn Satter Institute and leads workshops for parents, health care professionals, and corporate wellness. Her blog is full of useful tips for parents who want to bring “peace and joy to the family table.”

30. Dr. Barry Dworkin
In addition to running a successful family medicine practice for 20 years, Dr. Dworkin is an Assistant Professor of Family Medicine at the University of Ottawa. He has an expert knowledge on the health of kids and teens. His Sunday House Call show is popular and features loads of health tips for everyone.

31. Let’s Move
This organization was started by First Lady Michelle Obama. Check out the blog with the latest updates. There are also sections on eating healthy, getting active, and more.

32. Fed Up With Lunch
Wonder what it’s like to eat lunch from a school cafeteria every day? So does Mrs. Q. In this blog, she herself undergoes the school lunch diet and writes all about it. With over 100 days on the diet, she has loads to say.

33. Jodie Fitz
Visit this blog to see how to get parents and kids together to prepare meals. Jodie experiments with new food and recipes and shows families how to get everyone involved in food preparation. You can also have the children check out the Kids Cooking Club.

34. Bam! Radio
Education is the topic of choice on this site. The expert bloggers feature selections for parents, teachers, and even educational leaders. Simply choose your topic and listen.

Top Blogs for Understanding and Preventing Childhood Obesity by a Mom

If kids can learn obesity from a parent, then they can also learn how to understand and prevent it from one.

35. Bodies in Motivation
Many mothers and parents come here to blog on fitness motivation. Choose from blogs such as Body Talk, Stretch Pants, Deserting Dessert, and many others. You can also simply read the latest on the homepage.

36. The Baby Fat Diet Blog
This blog is written by and for moms who are too busy to lose weight and look fabulous but do anyway. There is also a book with related information. Recent posts are on keeping a diet on track, excess weight gain, and yogurt.

37. Mom to the Screaming Masses
Although Carmen is a mother to six children, she also used to weigh 80 pounds more than she does now. She is also pursuing a black belt in Muay Thai and is full of inspirational thoughts. Daily life is often discussed.

38. A Better Bag of Groceries
This mom devotes her blog to what moms should and shouldn’t buy at the grocery store. With a rating scale of one through 100, visit to see which food recently scored a paltry five. There are also tips for trade ups, favorite things, and incredible vegetables.

39. Fix Me a Snack
Next time your obese child asks you this, visit this blog. It is written by a mom who got sick of feeding her kids crackers and ice cream. Useful items, snack tips, and much more are all included.

40. Real Mom Nutrition
These bloggers dish up news, opinions, stories, and strategies to help busy moms make healthier choices for their families and themselves. And they do it all without going broke or losing their sanity. Real life examples are often shared.

41. Real Fit Mama
Before she was a mother, this blogger struggled with body issues. Fearing that her children were doomed to repeat the same mistakes, she began her quest to become the Real Fit Mama. See how she did it and continues to do so in her blog.

42. Weight Loss Success Stories
Feeling unmotivated in your quest to fight obesity? The visit here where Isadora shares a weekly weight loss success story. Everyone from men to women visit to share how and how much they have lost.

43. Escape From Obesity
This 38 year old is a stay at home mom. Obese for over ten years, she struggles to free herself from the “fat prison” and shares ups and downs on the blog. Before and after pictures are inspirational.

44. Roni’s Weigh
She is a 30-ish working mom that started this blog in 2005 to journal her weight loss. Seventy pounds later, Roni is committed to living a conscious, healthy life and hopes to inspire others along the way. A recent entry shared her take on Weight Watchers.

Top Blogs for Understanding and Preventing Childhood Obesity by a Dad

The fathers also weigh in with tips on childhood obesity and more.

45. Little Stomaks
Although the bloggers claim to be three and a half years old, it is their father who authors this blog. An engineer, he focuses his blog on nutrition for toddlers. There are also entries on childhood obesity, food allergies, having fun, and much more.

46. Jack Sh*t, Getting’ Fit
Although Jack isn’t as profane as the title would make him seem, he is passionate about losing weight. With three children of his own, his motto is “if you think losing weight is impossible, you don’t know Jack Sh*t.” Excuses, motivation, and much more are all shared.

47. Fat Man Unleashed
What was one man’s journey to lose weight has since grown into an entire community of obesity fighting guys. Visit to get useful items such as a weight loss chart, videos, workout tips, and much more. There is also Bistro MD with expert opinions.

48. Andrew is Getting Fit
Andrew once tipped the scales at over 300 pounds, making him morbidly obese. After learning of a program called C25K, he became an avid runner. He has already completed several marathons and shares how.

49. Get Fit Slowly
MacDaddy has a goal weight of 175. He is also a stay at home dad to two kids who struggles with food and exercise. He even offers a My Daily Burn section where he shares current and goal weight, along with what he eats and how he exercises.

50. Dr. Fitness and the Fat Guy
No matter which title fits you best, this blog has something for you. Both bloggers discuss weight loss and fitness in their popular podcast. Be sure to read more about their book “35 Things to Know to Raise Active Kids” while you’re there.

Although there are many tips, advice, and inspiration on the above top 50 blogs for understanding and preventing childhood obesity, see a licensed physician before you or your child begin a workout or diet routine.

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40 Best Blogs for Exploring Eastern Medicine

With more diseases than cures, Western medicine can be frustrating for both patient and doctor. It is no wonder that an interest in the health and longevity of Easterners is being more focused on. Expensive bills, medications with serious side effects, and misdiagnosis happening on a daily basis have made the concept of Eastern medicine not only more of a curiosity but more of an only hope or even last resort.

If a Google search has brought you here, chances are you have more than a passing interest in alternative medicine. To help, we have gathered the 40 best blogs for exploring Eastern medicine. From well-known practices, such as acupuncture, to newer ones, such as Reiki, they all have something to offer.

Best Alternative Blogs for Exploring Eastern Medicine

Get alternatives to traditional medicine with the help of the blogs below.

    1. National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine : The NCCAM is part of the National Institutes of Health. With a massive website, you can find alerts, advisories, event information, and much more. Clicking on Health Info can also get you an A to Z index of many popular medical topics. There is even information on herbs and botanicals, along with information on clinical trials.
    2. Alternative Medicine : Cathy Wong is your expert guide from She has ten years of research, clinical, and teaching experience in the field of complementary and alternative medicine. Must reads of the blog include safe supplements and popular herbs.
    3. Methods of Healing : Both alternative medicine and natural health are featured here. Categories range on everything from addiction to weight loss. Current popular posts include the effects of marijuana and cloning.
    4. Alternative Medicine Blog : Choose from medicine, health, treatment, and more all on one site. They also have lesser known entries on Eastern medicine such as reflexology and hypnosis. Recent posts are on natural decongestants and earthworms as a treatment for cancer.
    5. CAMLAW : What does a lawyer know about alternative medicine? If you go by the popularity of this blog, lots. Attorney Michael Cohen practices law in business and healthcare in addition to authoring the blog.
    6. Deepest Health : Learn more about teaching and learning classical Chinese medicine here. Contributors to the blog are united in their desire to see that relevant, vital, and classically based information about Chinese medicine be available to students, practitioners, and interested members of the public. The blog offers free articles with loads of resources on alternative medicine, a forum, and more.
    7. Worldwide Health : Visit for both an alternative medicine resource and health directory. Find an alternative medicine practitioner or school in your area with a click. You can also get entries on health, news in alternative medicine, and product reviews.
    8. This Week in Alternative Medicine : Lisa Barger is on a mission through blogging to keep alternative medicine practitioners honest. Must reads include the involvement of the FDA and mineral depleted soils. Other features include good reads for first-timers such as what is it, does it work, and is it a scam.
    9. Infected! : A relatively new podcast, they have caught a lot of attention for taking an alternative look at many health topics. They include conditions, diseases, products, politics, and much more. If interested in exploring Eastern medicine, check out the acupuncture, soy, or other random topics.

Best Acupuncture Blogs for Exploring Eastern Medicine

    10. Insights for Acupuncturists Blog : This blog is written with the practicing or hopeful acupuncturist in mind. Videos show you how to both practice and market your acupuncture. There are even tools and guides on how to build your own acupuncture website.
    11. Innova Acupuncture Blog : Daniel Johnsen is from Phoenix where he is a licensed acupuncturist and doctor of Oriental medicine. With over ten years of experience, he gives musings on staying healthy in a fast-paced modern world. He often gives recommendations on things to avoid and other product reviews.
    12. Acupuncture News : Jing is a practicing doctor of Eastern medicine, a licensed acupuncturist, and family nurse practitioner. The blog serves to educate the public and professionals on the growing need for acupuncture, along with news and commentary. Commentary is often given on acupuncture stories in the news.
    13. DAAN Chinese Herbs and Acupuncture : Learn how herbs and acupuncture combine in this Eastern medicine blog. The business was started in 1967 in Taiwan and has since opened a branch in San Francisco. The blog is supervised under both a doctor and acupuncturist and has loads of information.
    14. Acupuncture Health Insights : Lynn Jaffee is a licensed acupuncturist and has published a book on Eastern medicine entitled “Simple Steps: The Chinese Way.” She has options for both prospective patients and practitioners. A recent entry was on how to clear up ringing in your ears.
    15. World Acupuncture : See how acupuncture is practiced across the globe, not just in the East. Topics include Alan’s travels, family, education, and much more. There are also choices for students in case studies, moxibustion, and more.
    16. Topix: Acupuncture : If the above isn’t enough to quench your thirst to learn more about acupuncture, visit here. Topix is a site that gathers headlines from across the web into one page. This section is specifically for the latest news on acupuncture from thousands of sources across the net.

Best Herbalism Blogs for Exploring Eastern Medicine

Learn about the natural healing powers of herbs in these blogs.

    17. Kitchen Table Medicine : Dr. Nicole Sundene is the editor-in-chief of this blog and is a doctor of naturopathic medicine. Along with nine other professionals, they blog on how regular household items can help you lose weight, stay healthy, fight disease, and much more. If you can’t find a relevant answer in one of the many blog questions, try sending one in.
    18. Timeless Herb Secrets : Didi Hoffman is “South Africa’s blogging herb man.” His blog is full of tips, recipes, and ideas for adding herbs to your day. He recently began a blogging series on how to go food gardening.
    19. Henriette’s Herbal Homepage : This is a good stop for first timers who want to explore more in Eastern medicine. Choose from a culinary herb FAQ, classic works, best of forums, and much more. You can also check out the blog, which contains updates.
    20. Nurture Your Own : They may not technically be herbs, but sprouts are still considered a way to help the body’s natural healing and have been for many years. A group of bloggers invites you to join in their adventure as they learn the properties of sprouts. Recent entries are on eczema, health quotes, and yeast free cooking.
    21. The Essential Herbal Blog : Tina is a publisher from Pennsylvania who is fascinated by herbs and all of their uses. Check out the blog for recipes, usage, and even crafts. She recently even introduced a book on balms and salves.
    22. Terra Sigillata : He is an American university educator and cancer researcher who holds a PhD in Pharmacology and Therapeutics. The blog is named after the worlds “selected Earth.” Topics focus on natural product drugs and supplements to help others.
    23. Guide to Herbs : Culinary herbs, medicines, and herbal remedies are featured here. In addition to the regular posts, you can also get helpful videos. Recent entries are on tips for growing herbs and herb garden kits.
    24. Herbinator : He is an herbalist as well as a “green values guy.” Get politics in addition to learning more about herbs here. Also useful if studying in Canada.

Best Ayurveda Blogs for Exploring Eastern Medicine

In Sanskrit, Ayurveda means “longevity and knowledge.” This form of Eastern medicine uses herbs, massage, and yoga as treatments to many diseases.

    25. Natural Health Tips and Ayurvedic Medicine : Stop here to get Eastern methods for treating everything from acid reflux to yeast infections. Topics include herbal treatments, dealing with stress, and much more. The latest entry was on all the benefits of aloe vera.
    26. Dr. Eddy Clinic : Stop here for a blog on combining Ayurveda with traditional Western medicine. Based in Thailand, the clinic has both patients and students. Check out the blog for the latest news on herbs, along with expert entries on topics such as diets and detoxification.
    27. Bodhimed : Ancient medicine for modern health is the focus of this blog. Dr. Sharada has been practicing Ayurveda and Chinese medicine for 20 years and has applied principles to her life as a professional and mother of two. A recent entry was on how to get a dose of Ayurveda during travel.
    28. Ayurvedic Talk : The Ayurveda and Yoga Blog is designed to be a resource center. You will find a wealth of information on topics including herbal remedies, Ayurvedic herbs, natural cosmetics, rejuvenation therapies, herbal diet, meditation, yoga, and more. Choose from many different categories, or check out the latest entry.
    29. Kerala Ayurvedics Blog : This blog believes in the divine power of the 5,000 year old system of healing. There are loads of online features on everything from basic principles to advanced practices. There is even an option for an online consultation.
    30. Ayurveda Asia Blog : The company believes in its clinic and school as a unique opportunity to explore more deeply the principles of Eastern medicine. Check out the blog to get information on topics such as abdominal pain, syndromes, allergies, and more. They even offer a comprehensive interactive course as a CD.
    31. An Ayurveda Blog : Dr. Krishna Mysore is a practitioner from Karnataka, India. His blog focuses on Ayurveda for men. A quick visit can get you answers for E.D., libido, sperm count, and more.
    32. Ayurvedic Herbal Cure Blog : Visit for a guide to Ayurvedic solutions to health problems. H.C. believes this Eastern medicine can cure all health problems and help you understand how the human body works.

Best Niche Blogs for Exploring Eastern Medicine

These blogs focus on a certain aspect of Eastern medicine.

    33. Aromatherapy Blog : This Eastern medicine focuses on how smells and oils can be used to treat different ailments. The blog has tips for getting started, profiles on the essential oils, and even easy to make recipes. Blog entries even show you how to make remedies at home.
    34. The Science of Energy Healing : Gia is a soul intuitive and energy healer. Through readings, she gives a perspective of your soul and life. She recently began a series on crystalline consciousness and has more healing resources. Gia also has a Reiki blog.
    35. Relational Energy Healing : Dean Ramsden’s blog is similar to the above. He features more on what relational energy healing is and how you can get audio downloads. Those who want to explore more can take classes or check out the blog with more.
    36. The Reiki Digest : This free publication discusses the healing power of hands. Free downloads for those who want to explore this aspect of Eastern medicine include “Instant Hands Free Reiki Self Care” and even items in Spanish. Guest bloggers also weigh in with more on the subject.
    37. Pilates and Reiki in Paradise : Explore more on Reiki and Pilates with this blog. Lynda Lippin is an American working on a resort on a small Caribbean island where she practices both. A recent entry was on the best abdominal exercises.
    38. Hypnothoughts : Often used to treat the mental side of disease, hypnosis is popular on both sides of the hemisphere. In addition to what hypnosis can do for various conditions, there are also resources for those who want to learn it. Current blog posts are on hypnosis as a science and using it for eye surgery.
    39. Sacred Feng Shui Design : This Eastern medicine believes the style and design of one’s home can help heal. Learn more about the practice along with geomancy, space clearing, and divination. Recent entries are on how to Feng Shui both office and home along with an astrological update.
    40. Sue Young Homeopathy : She is a London based homeopath. A recent string of entries took a look at the history of homeopathy.

If you suffer from a serious medical condition or suspect you do, please consult a licensed physician before following through with any of the advice read on the above 40 best blogs for exploring Eastern medicine. They can help you ask questions and think outside the box, but a blogger who has never examined you cannot plan a concrete course of action.

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50 Free Resources for Helping Parents Give the Birds and Bees Talk

As a medical professional, you may have the occasional parent asking you about their child’s ear infection that won’t go away or tips on potty training. Even if this isn’t your area of expertise, your profession might make you a go-to source in the eyes of family members or friends. This may even include tips on how to talk to kids about sex. It’s important you can talk about any subject in a frank manner that will make both parents and children comfortable, creating an open forum for questions and answers.

Articles on How to Talk to Kids About Sex

If you need to start with a few pointers, check out these articles that can help you express the key points of the birds and bees, and address questions children may have.

    1. Parenting – Talking to Kids About Sex : How and when to talk to kids about sex, including the age range where certain topics are appropriate.

    2. 4 Parents : This is a great website for parents and discusses giving your kids a healthy attitude towards sex, while preparing them with what they need to know.

    3. Family Education – Talking About Sex : Talking to kids about sex means choosing your words wisely. Here’s an article that teaches you how to phrase things when having the talk.

    4. Medicine Net – Sex Education for Kids : This article talks about why you should always make sex a neutral topic, allowing your child to feel comfortable and ask questions.

    5. About Kids Health – Talking About Sex with Your Children : Sex should be an ongoing discussion that has different stages as a child ages. Learn why starting early will benefit you and your child’s perspective of sex.

    6. Children Now – Talking with Kids : This article links to various sources for talking to kids about tough issues, including HIV/AIDS and the media.

    7. Island Sexual Health – Talking to Kids About S-E-X : A rundown of what age is right for what level of sex talk can be found here.

    8. eHow – How to Talk to Kids About Safe Sex : When giving your kids the talk, it’s imperative you talk about safe sex practices.

    9. CBC – How You Talk to Your Kids About Sex : CBC interviews three professionals about how they handle the sex talk with their own children.

    10. Dads Today – Straight Talk About Sex : Starting early and telling kids like it is proves to be the most effective way for parents to talk their children about sex.

    11. Time Out New York – How to Talk to Kids 12 and Under About Sex : This article links to further reading on how to handle various sexuality topics wit your children. Subjects include gender identity and an interview with a sex educator.

    12. Dr. Phil – Talk to Your Teen About Sex and Oral Sex : Parents should know the facts about sex and oral sex before sitting down with their child. Here are a few pointers that parents can use for the talk.

    13. LA Times – Franco Talk With Kids About Sex : See how this playful, approachable museum exhibit was used to explain the birds and the bees to kids.

    14. Modern Mom – When to Give the Sex Talk : This concise article talks about misconceptions and appropriate ages to talk to your kids about the various aspects of sex.

    15. About Our Kids – Towards a Better Understanding of Children’s Sexual Behavior : This article will help you understand normal sex behavior and curiosities for children.

    16. WellSphere – Talk About Sex With Kids : Kids don’t always hear what parents have to say when it comes to studying or doing chores. Here’s how to make sure your child is listening and absorbing when you talk to him or her about sex.

    17. NY Times – Another Awkward Sex Talk: Respect and Violence : Talking to your children about sex has to encompass the good, the bad and the ugly. This article touches on the topics of respect and violence when teens are learning about sex.

    18. Time – Parents’ Sex Talk Too Late Tim Magazine examines a study that says parents are waiting far too long to have the sex talk with children and tweens.

    19. Self-Help Magazine – What is Considered “Normal” Sexual Health and Behavior? : Here’s a list from the pros that explains what a child’s curiosities are at particular ages when it comes to sex.

    20. Planned Parenthood – How to Talk to Your Children About Sex : At this sect of the Planned Parenthood site, you’ll find links to helpful articles on talking to your kids about sex.

    21. The Well Project – Talking to Your Children About HIV : Safe sex must be stressed as kids become young adults (and may be sexually active). Here’s how to have the talk on HIV/AIDS to ensure your child knows the facts.

    22. Kids Growth – Talking to Kids About Puberty : Puberty comes before sex, so help your kids know what’s happening to their bodies before delving further into the birds and the bees.

    23. Parent Central – Talking to Kids About Sex is Often Mom’s Job : This article discusses how it’s usually a mother that explains sex to kids and why other dad or older siblings should also be a trustworthy sources for kids to ask questions.

    24. TVO Parents – Talking to Kids About HIV/AIDS : An in-depth look at talking to children about HIV/AIDS, including what age to bring up the topic and when to add more information so your child ends with a solid education on the subject.

    25. Primary System – For Parents : This is a great resource because it’s available in both English and Spanish, giving parents helpful tips on how to have the sex talk and address everything from respect for one’s body to safe sex practices.

    26. JS Online – Talk to Your Kid About Sex Often : An article on why it’s best to mention sex often to make it less awkward and more normal to your child versus keeping it a hush-hush topic.

    27. Time Out New York Kids – Sex Ed Resources : This article gives you a synopsis of some of the best sex ed books out there if you want to give the talk and then hand over a book to your teen.

    28. Go Ask Alice! – How do I Begin Talking to My Children About Sex? : A breakdown of how having the talk has evolved over the years and what to say when you encounter a “teachable moment.”

    29. A Better Child – Talking to Your Kids About Sex : This article talks about how to tell your child about your own values and views on sex without clouding theirs.

    30. BC Council for Families – Beyond the Bids and the Bees : Along with talking to kids about the technicalities of sex, be sure to bring up relationship talk as advised in this article.

    31. MenStuff – Talk to Your Kids : A great read for dads, these short articles discuss talking to kids about the birds and the bees, as well as HIV and sex protection.

Parent Forums

If you feel like you’re the only one giving the sex talk, know that you aren’t alone. Check out these forums where parents can share tips and get advice from experts on giving the birds and the bees talk.

    32. Today’s Parent : Stop by this chatty messageboard and see how other parents are handling talking to their kids about the birds and the bees.

    33. eHealth Forum – Parenting : This forum has a generous section devoted to dealing with kids and teens when it comes to talking about sex and how to express your opinion on the subject, while sticking to the faces.

    34. ParentTalk Forums : Parents here are talking about how they handle explaining a child’s sexuality and body parts at various ages throughout childhood.

    35. Chadz Boyz : This forum is for male gay teens, as well as parents and teachers who want to lend support and learn more about the male gay teen community.

Resources Parents of Teens and Teens on Sex

Once a child knows the basics, they are likely to have more questions as they become teens. Luckily, the Internet has a bevy of resources for teens to learn on their own, after having the proper talk from a parent or counselor on the basics of sex and safe sex practices.

    36. Teen Source : This is a fantastic resource for teens to learn about their sexuality and topics such as lube and birth control.

    37. I Wanna Know : This is a stellar site that is devoted to educating teens on what’s what when it comes to sex. It debunks myths and shares the facts so teens know what they’re dealing with.

    39. Stories of Sex Education : If answering a few questions for your teen makes you squirm, check out these stories on how teens are getting their sex education. It will make you want to be your child’s #1 source on the topic.

    40. Kaiser Family Foundation – The Entertainment Media as “Sex Educators?” : Many teens learn about sex through the media. Read the study on this and realize why you should be the go-to source for your teen.

    41. Kids Health – Contraception : This article gives teens the facts on birth control and links to further reading on specific types so they can decide what works for them.

    42. Womens E-News – Teens Learn to Apply Peer Pressure to Safe Sex : When it’s clear “everyone is doing it,” it should also be preached how they’re doing it when it comes to protecting one’s health. Learn how and why teens are promoting safe sex within their own circles.

    43. Scarleteen : This is a great site for teens to check out because it touches on everything from rape to homosexuality, as well as the standard teen sex curiosities.

    44. Like It Is : This site is aimed at teens form the UK and Australia, but can be utilized by anyone with questions on sex. We love it because it indeed tells it “like it is,” never scaring teens into one decision or direction, but simply giving them the facts so they can make informed choices.

    45. Advocates for Youth : This program is aimed at empowering teens so they make smart decisions when it comes to their body and sexual relationships.

    46. Gay Teens – The Voice and Choice : This site provides great information for gay teens to learn about sex, becoming comfortable with their sexuality and listening to their bodies.

    47. The Cool Page for Queer Teens : This site provides links for gay teens to learn more about their sexuality and also has phone numbers for tip lines if they’re in need of a listening ear.

    48. It’s Your Sex Life : Developed by MTV, this site stresses the importance of safe sex, getting tested regularly for STDs if you’re sexually active and how to have conversations on both topics with your partner.

    49. Sex, Etc. – Want to Learn About Sex? : Learning about sex from the perspective of a teen who understand what peers are faced with in today’s world .

    50. Teen Source – How to Talk to Your Parents or Other Cool Adult About Sex : Teens will have questions. Here’s how to approach a conversation with an adult who cares.

The pros now tell us that having several small conversations with your child over the course of their life is the most effective way to teach them about their body, sexuality and sexual relationships. Kids know more at an early age than previous generations, so it’s imperative they’re armed with the facts from someone they can trust, allowing them to make decisions that are comfortable.

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