About Us

Site Overview:

Mary Armstrong is the founder and webmaster of MedicalAssistantColleges.com. An AAMA member for over 10 years, Mary started MedicalAssistantColleges to help students understand the fast changing landscape of what is required to become a certified medical assistant, whether certification is necessary, what schools and degrees exist and what the differences are, etc.

My Mission:

Medical Assisting is a field that has undergone dramatic changes over the last decade. A decade ago it was far more frequent for medical assistants to be on the job trained with no formal education requirements in their field. Today, there are a certifications, a number of different degrees, and an even more complex nomenclature for what the different degrees are called by each school. And finally, there are now dozens of schools of differing quality offering medical assistant programs.

In order to help students understand their options, I have created MedicalAssistantColleges as a resource website. I believe I have created the only updated database of all accredited medical assistant schools on the web, which provides students with a single page from which they can understand and weigh their options.


I rely on feedback in terms of errors and omissions on our list of schools, or for ideas or questions from prospective students as to what they’d like to see discussed on this site. So email me at info !at! medicalassistantcolleges !dot! com.