50 Free Resources for Helping Parents Give the Birds and Bees Talk

As a medical professional, you may have the occasional parent asking you about their child’s ear infection that won’t go away or tips on potty training. Even if this isn’t your area of expertise, your profession might make you a go-to source in the eyes of family members or friends. This may even include tips on how to talk to kids about sex. It’s important you can talk about any subject in a frank manner that will make both parents and children comfortable, creating an open forum for questions and answers.

Articles on How to Talk to Kids About Sex

If you need to start with a few pointers, check out these articles that can help you express the key points of the birds and bees, and address questions children may have.

    1. Parenting – Talking to Kids About Sex : How and when to talk to kids about sex, including the age range where certain topics are appropriate.

    2. 4 Parents : This is a great website for parents and discusses giving your kids a healthy attitude towards sex, while preparing them with what they need to know.

    3. Family Education – Talking About Sex : Talking to kids about sex means choosing your words wisely. Here’s an article that teaches you how to phrase things when having the talk.

    4. Medicine Net – Sex Education for Kids : This article talks about why you should always make sex a neutral topic, allowing your child to feel comfortable and ask questions.

    5. About Kids Health – Talking About Sex with Your Children : Sex should be an ongoing discussion that has different stages as a child ages. Learn why starting early will benefit you and your child’s perspective of sex.

    6. Children Now – Talking with Kids : This article links to various sources for talking to kids about tough issues, including HIV/AIDS and the media.

    7. Island Sexual Health – Talking to Kids About S-E-X : A rundown of what age is right for what level of sex talk can be found here.

    8. eHow – How to Talk to Kids About Safe Sex : When giving your kids the talk, it’s imperative you talk about safe sex practices.

    9. CBC – How You Talk to Your Kids About Sex : CBC interviews three professionals about how they handle the sex talk with their own children.

    10. Dads Today – Straight Talk About Sex : Starting early and telling kids like it is proves to be the most effective way for parents to talk their children about sex.

    11. Time Out New York – How to Talk to Kids 12 and Under About Sex : This article links to further reading on how to handle various sexuality topics wit your children. Subjects include gender identity and an interview with a sex educator.

    12. Dr. Phil – Talk to Your Teen About Sex and Oral Sex : Parents should know the facts about sex and oral sex before sitting down with their child. Here are a few pointers that parents can use for the talk.

    13. LA Times – Franco Talk With Kids About Sex : See how this playful, approachable museum exhibit was used to explain the birds and the bees to kids.

    14. Modern Mom – When to Give the Sex Talk : This concise article talks about misconceptions and appropriate ages to talk to your kids about the various aspects of sex.

    15. About Our Kids – Towards a Better Understanding of Children’s Sexual Behavior : This article will help you understand normal sex behavior and curiosities for children.

    16. WellSphere – Talk About Sex With Kids : Kids don’t always hear what parents have to say when it comes to studying or doing chores. Here’s how to make sure your child is listening and absorbing when you talk to him or her about sex.

    17. NY Times – Another Awkward Sex Talk: Respect and Violence : Talking to your children about sex has to encompass the good, the bad and the ugly. This article touches on the topics of respect and violence when teens are learning about sex.

    18. Time – Parents’ Sex Talk Too Late Tim Magazine examines a study that says parents are waiting far too long to have the sex talk with children and tweens.

    19. Self-Help Magazine – What is Considered “Normal” Sexual Health and Behavior? : Here’s a list from the pros that explains what a child’s curiosities are at particular ages when it comes to sex.

    20. Planned Parenthood – How to Talk to Your Children About Sex : At this sect of the Planned Parenthood site, you’ll find links to helpful articles on talking to your kids about sex.

    21. The Well Project – Talking to Your Children About HIV : Safe sex must be stressed as kids become young adults (and may be sexually active). Here’s how to have the talk on HIV/AIDS to ensure your child knows the facts.

    22. Kids Growth – Talking to Kids About Puberty : Puberty comes before sex, so help your kids know what’s happening to their bodies before delving further into the birds and the bees.

    23. Parent Central – Talking to Kids About Sex is Often Mom’s Job : This article discusses how it’s usually a mother that explains sex to kids and why other dad or older siblings should also be a trustworthy sources for kids to ask questions.

    24. TVO Parents – Talking to Kids About HIV/AIDS : An in-depth look at talking to children about HIV/AIDS, including what age to bring up the topic and when to add more information so your child ends with a solid education on the subject.

    25. Primary System – For Parents : This is a great resource because it’s available in both English and Spanish, giving parents helpful tips on how to have the sex talk and address everything from respect for one’s body to safe sex practices.

    26. JS Online – Talk to Your Kid About Sex Often : An article on why it’s best to mention sex often to make it less awkward and more normal to your child versus keeping it a hush-hush topic.

    27. Time Out New York Kids – Sex Ed Resources : This article gives you a synopsis of some of the best sex ed books out there if you want to give the talk and then hand over a book to your teen.

    28. Go Ask Alice! – How do I Begin Talking to My Children About Sex? : A breakdown of how having the talk has evolved over the years and what to say when you encounter a “teachable moment.”

    29. A Better Child – Talking to Your Kids About Sex : This article talks about how to tell your child about your own values and views on sex without clouding theirs.

    30. BC Council for Families – Beyond the Bids and the Bees : Along with talking to kids about the technicalities of sex, be sure to bring up relationship talk as advised in this article.

    31. MenStuff – Talk to Your Kids : A great read for dads, these short articles discuss talking to kids about the birds and the bees, as well as HIV and sex protection.

Parent Forums

If you feel like you’re the only one giving the sex talk, know that you aren’t alone. Check out these forums where parents can share tips and get advice from experts on giving the birds and the bees talk.

    32. Today’s Parent : Stop by this chatty messageboard and see how other parents are handling talking to their kids about the birds and the bees.

    33. eHealth Forum – Parenting : This forum has a generous section devoted to dealing with kids and teens when it comes to talking about sex and how to express your opinion on the subject, while sticking to the faces.

    34. ParentTalk Forums : Parents here are talking about how they handle explaining a child’s sexuality and body parts at various ages throughout childhood.

    35. Chadz Boyz : This forum is for male gay teens, as well as parents and teachers who want to lend support and learn more about the male gay teen community.

Resources Parents of Teens and Teens on Sex

Once a child knows the basics, they are likely to have more questions as they become teens. Luckily, the Internet has a bevy of resources for teens to learn on their own, after having the proper talk from a parent or counselor on the basics of sex and safe sex practices.

    36. Teen Source : This is a fantastic resource for teens to learn about their sexuality and topics such as lube and birth control.

    37. I Wanna Know : This is a stellar site that is devoted to educating teens on what’s what when it comes to sex. It debunks myths and shares the facts so teens know what they’re dealing with.

    39. Stories of Sex Education : If answering a few questions for your teen makes you squirm, check out these stories on how teens are getting their sex education. It will make you want to be your child’s #1 source on the topic.

    40. Kaiser Family Foundation – The Entertainment Media as “Sex Educators?” : Many teens learn about sex through the media. Read the study on this and realize why you should be the go-to source for your teen.

    41. Kids Health – Contraception : This article gives teens the facts on birth control and links to further reading on specific types so they can decide what works for them.

    42. Womens E-News – Teens Learn to Apply Peer Pressure to Safe Sex : When it’s clear “everyone is doing it,” it should also be preached how they’re doing it when it comes to protecting one’s health. Learn how and why teens are promoting safe sex within their own circles.

    43. Scarleteen : This is a great site for teens to check out because it touches on everything from rape to homosexuality, as well as the standard teen sex curiosities.

    44. Like It Is : This site is aimed at teens form the UK and Australia, but can be utilized by anyone with questions on sex. We love it because it indeed tells it “like it is,” never scaring teens into one decision or direction, but simply giving them the facts so they can make informed choices.

    45. Advocates for Youth : This program is aimed at empowering teens so they make smart decisions when it comes to their body and sexual relationships.

    46. Gay Teens – The Voice and Choice : This site provides great information for gay teens to learn about sex, becoming comfortable with their sexuality and listening to their bodies.

    47. The Cool Page for Queer Teens : This site provides links for gay teens to learn more about their sexuality and also has phone numbers for tip lines if they’re in need of a listening ear.

    48. It’s Your Sex Life : Developed by MTV, this site stresses the importance of safe sex, getting tested regularly for STDs if you’re sexually active and how to have conversations on both topics with your partner.

    49. Sex, Etc. – Want to Learn About Sex? : Learning about sex from the perspective of a teen who understand what peers are faced with in today’s world .

    50. Teen Source – How to Talk to Your Parents or Other Cool Adult About Sex : Teens will have questions. Here’s how to approach a conversation with an adult who cares.

The pros now tell us that having several small conversations with your child over the course of their life is the most effective way to teach them about their body, sexuality and sexual relationships. Kids know more at an early age than previous generations, so it’s imperative they’re armed with the facts from someone they can trust, allowing them to make decisions that are comfortable.